TEDGlobal – Day 4

TEDGlobal has come to a close but not without one hell of a bang. Ending the year in Edinburgh, Scotland, TEDGlobal announced its migration to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil next year. With the final session of “Tech Impact” and “All Together Now” TED once again tested not only our technical boundaries, but also our abilities to function together as a culture.


Our particular favorites involved Michael Sandel, Harvard economist and brilliant speech-giver, who debated with the father of modern marketing strategy (also Harvard economist dressed identically) Michael Porter, to what extent market practices should pervade society. While Porter debated that businesses have an inherent interest to consider the social good, Sandel recommended that they keep their place in industry and away from social causes.


In “All Together Now,” you couldn’t help but feel moved that within all manner of hate, corruption, poverty, and pain, there is still an electric connection between community that reminds us all that we are in this world together. No one made this clearer than An Xiao Mina, who discussed the power of online memes in a hyper media-controlled country like China. In times of great distress, the people have used symbols to bypass Chinese online government censorship to protest the harsh policies of the government like with famous political artist Ai Wei Wei.


While TEDGlobal may be over for now, we turn our eyes forward to an exciting year, where we hope to find ourselves at events like TEDActive in Whistler, Canada, TEDGlobal in Rio and the TEDxSummit in Berlin, Germany. Thanks for following us through our adventures abroad. Keep up with us through the year to come to NYU’s very own TED event this year. Stay curious and we’ll se you on the wire.